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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Thomas D. Rutledge specializes in four areas of litigation:

• Employment Law
• Personal Injury
• Landlord-Tenant
• Family Litigation


Employment Law
Thomas D. Rutledge is committed to representing employees who have been victimized by wage-and-hour violations, illegal/unfair treatment in the workplaces and harassment. He also handles class action suits. Mr. Rutledge advocates for employees whose wages or tips were underpaid as well as those who were retaliated against for reporting illegal practices in the workplace. He also represents employees who believe they have been discriminated against on the bases of race, gender, age, disability and other personal characteristics. (For more information on California labor laws, see the California Department of Industrial Relations website.)

Personal Injury
Mr. Rutledge advocates passionately on behalf of his clients who have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one as a result of negligence, medical malpractice or other wrongful acts. His cases involve everything from slip-and-fall accidents, automobile accidents, construction accidents and medical malpractice. He also handles civil rights and discrimination cases. As a veteran who has suffered injuries, he is personally vested in his personal injury cases to ensure his clients receive the settlements they deserve.

Landlord-Tenant Law
Whether you are a renter and trying to protect your tenant rights or a landlord seeking to evict a tenant, Mr. Rutledge can assist. As a successful property investor and landlord, Mr. Rutledge understands the complex landlord-tenant laws in California and throughout the nation. He represents tenants in actions involving the return of security deposits, evictions and illegal lockouts. He also advocates on behalf of landlords in cases involving failure to pay rent, violation of lease term and eviction actions (also known as “unlawful detainer.”) He works to solve other rental issues as well, including housing discrimination, property safety and repairs. (For more information on Landlord-Tenant responsibilities, see the Department of Consumer Affairs handbook and website).

Family Law Litigation
With a background as a Navy JAG representing sailors. Mr. Rutledge specializes in family law litigation involving active and retired military service members. He understands firsthand the emotional and financial challenges individuals face – particularly deployed service members – when dealing with divorce and separation. Whether you are a civilian or in the military, Mr. Rutledge can assist you with a number of family law issues, including marriage, parenting, adoption, divorce and child custody. He also provides counsel on alimony and child support issues, as well as prenuptial and cohabitation agreements. (For more in-depth information on family law, see the California Family Code or the Department of Child Support Services website.)